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 어딜 가나 일등과 꼴등이 있다지만,

영어가 모국어인 해외의 바보들을 접하니 문화적 충격이 또 다르네요.

그놈의 영어가 주는 후광 효과 때문인지(+보통 선진국의 상징이니)

그 이미지 역전이 준 충격이 참...

아래 유투브 영상을 보고 댓글을 달았다가 shilohwillcome라는 놈에게서 괴상한 이야기를 들었습니다.

Does the Universe Have a Purpose? feat. Neil deGrasse Tyson  


(There's a reason why Tyson or Dawkins don't debate philosophers like William Lane Craig on religion - they'd get schooled. 이 부분 설명해주실 분 계신가요? 대충 이해는 하는데 William Lane Craig란 사람이 누군지, 이 사람과의 실제 교류가 있었는지에 대해서도 모르다보니 해석에서 뭔가 2% 빠진 느낌이 들어서 말이죠.)

제가 '마음의 위안을 찾고자 하는 건 각자 마음이지만 바보같은 엉터리 지식을 주입해서 자기네와 똑같은 멍청이로 만들고, 교과서를 무슨 제2의 성경처럼 만들려는 개수작이 허용된다는 건 아니다. 특히 스마트폰부터 시작해서 첨단 의료 기술까지 온갖 과학 문명의 이기가 주는 혜택을 실컷 누리고 있으면서 이율배반적인 행위를 자행하고 있다는 걸 자신들이 스스로 깨닫기나 하는지 모르겠다.'라고 썼더니 shilohwillcome라는 놈 왈,

"무신론자가 아니라 유신론자들이(주요 과학자들이 신앙을 가졌음을 의미하는 듯) 과학을 이 세상에 가져왔으니 무신론자들은 유신론자들에게 감사해야한다."

?? '이게 뭔 소리지?'하면서도 아무래도 상대가 원어민이다보니 제가 이해를 잘 못했나 싶어 조심스럽게 확인차 반박해봤지만 역시나 처음 이해한 대로 개소리 같았습니다.

그래서 얼마나 어처구니 없는 소리를 하는 것인지 반박을 해놨는데, (과학자들의 업적에 대해 감사할 일이지 왜 그들이 유신론자라 해서 유신론자에게 감사해야 하나? 그들이 유신론자인 동시에 백인이고 금발에 푸른 눈동자 지니며 특정 국가에서 태어났으면 내가 백인도 금발도 푸른 눈동자도 특정 국가 사람들에게도 감사하다고 해야 하냐?") 혹시 제 논점에 헛점이나 개선할 점이 있으면 지적해주셨으면 합니다. 저조차 지금 저 녀석의 주장에 제 가치관이 흔들리는 것 같아서 백업이 좀 필요한 느낌입니다.

...유창한 영어로 개소리를 퍼부으니 참말로 황당하더군요. 뭔가 정말 mismatch된다 해야하나...

아래는 문제의 댓글들입니다.

+DarkVioletCloud Religions do have purpose of course. HUMAN'S purpose, especially made by the heads of some tribes to control the other dumbasses. And the fact that there are tons of those morons still living in this 21TH century really makes me sick.
+Use your common sense Chill, dude. People are just trying to find their place in this huge, confusing world. Some find comfort in believing in a higher power.

+DarkVioletCloud You have a point. Yeah, comforting themselves in their own way is fine but that shouldn't mean they have any authority to mess up with logical and obvious facts and pump rubbish that is more than 2000 year old in other people or young students's mind and change the textbook like it's their seceondary bible. Especially when they are all benefiting from scientific research from smart phone to medical care, that is. totally inconsistent.
+Use your common sense Oh God, here we fucking go again. There's a reason why Tyson or Dawkins don't debate philosophers like William Lane Craig on religion - they'd get schooled. BTW, don't forget, it was the hard core Theists that brought science into the world, not Atheists, appreciate that and be thankful.
+shilohwillcome First of all, I'm not sure if I understand your intention/meaning because of my poor English, so I won't dare to say anything about what I don't get. But I can say here I disagree with that idea of thanking Theists for 'bringing science' anywhere. Even if certain big scientists were religious that doen't mean there's any meaning or proof that god or gods exist and we all know it's logically nonsense. So I'll never thank them for that ridiculous reason. For their work that have made me sane and reasonable person, I definitely appreciate it and also feel sorry for them for having no choice but to believe in that one. Wish they were buddhists instead, because at least they don't try to make other people stupid just like themselves too.

+Use your common sense It's not illogical nonsense, it's a fact and facts aren't logical nonsense. It wasn't a buddhist that discovered science it was theists. That's a historical fact, I know it doesn't fit in your worldview, but facts can be troubling like that. Think about it once and a while, maybe one day you'll be able to appreciate the things theists have done for you.

+shilohwillcome Huh? You're just being fool. What are you, 13? Why on earth do I have to thank (for their being) 'theists'? Scientists in the past are our ancestors, yes, and it could be the reason I can thank them for what they developed and it's not just them, it includes people in this time for modern conveniences. But what you're saying is just like this: Those freaking scientists you're putting on a pedestal, just because they were white or blond or blue-eyed and born in certain country, you are insisting I have to thank the 'whites' and 'blonds' and 'blue-eyed people' and all the people from the same country they were born, NOT for their scientific work. You think your comment it makes sense, huh? Then that's why you're stupid enough to think so and say something like that(and probably believe in bullshits). Not a single theist I ever seen was logically right or at least rational at all. And ultimately, let's say your baloney is right. Will it ever, ever support theists' 'bible' bullshits? So why bother? I know the answer. Cuz you think it will help people believe in stupid people's stupid god or gods, which is wrong. I never knew this term and I don't know if I'm using it right but, "you got schooled" here.
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